Scout Mob video coverage of the Goat Farm Halloween Party.  Video credit: Noah Culver & Eric Kridle for putting this magic together.

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Scoutmob and Burnaway Present: Burnaway’s Having A Big Darn Party

Burnaway scoops us on talented creatives new to the scene, tells us where to find our weekly dose of culture, and is generally a pretty rad beacon of information and commentary on the arts scene in Atlanta. To keep that train of awesome a-rolling, Burnaway will host its annual fundraiser this Saturday at 10 Krog Street, that big warehouse you’ve driven past dozens of times across from the Krog Tunnel. And let us tell you right now, this ain’t no bake sale. We caught up with Jeremy (editor-in-chief) and Susannah (executive director) so they could tell us exactly what this throwdown is all about. Check out what they had to say in the extremely impressive, visually stunning, Oscar shoo-in video here:

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Everyone is invited to join us this weekend for our 2nd Annual Fundraiser at 10 Krog Street this Saturday, September 17th.  

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"How We Handle Secrets" by Karen Tauches- read on BURNAWAY, read on Scout Mob

As part of a Flux Projects event, Louisiana artist and teacher Jes Schrom invited the public to a sewing circle at Young Blood Gallery on Saturday, August 20, 2011. Participants donated several hours each to sit and carefully embroider a secret or two from our community. Some of Schrom’s Secrets of Atlanta were strikingly cathartic: “I’m probably gay;” “My dad doesn’t like me;” and “I lie about my age.” Others were funnier: “I am tempted to touch art at museums.”