New mural by Dr. Dax and Loss Prevention pays homage to the Limelight club that inhabited space in the 80’s.  If you don’t know the Limelight, it is the reason everyone refers to the Kroger as Disco Kroger.  The Mural is 20’ tall and over 130’ long and sponsored by BINDERS!  Keep an eye out for upcoming video coverage!

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PLF show at Octane Coffee opens tonight!

Seeing as how I’m jealous of whoever picked this little number up at Living Walls last month, I’m excited that he is showing more large aerosol panels- and from what I hear: at reasonable prices. Check it out tonight @ 7PM

Don’t miss it!

Sam3’s downtown mural is finished!  Vandalog Street Art Blog ask:

"As far as I know, this mural by Sam3 is the tallest in America, if not the world. It was painted this month in Atlanta for the Living Walls Conference. Yes, there are murals and even illegal graffiti that cover more square-footage, but in terms of height, this 15-story-tall mural has everything I can think of beat. So is this really the tallest mural in America or possibly the world?”

Graffiti writer come fine artist, Hense, is not only critically acclaimed for his contribution to the underground movement of graffiti, but also being sued for his involvement in the misunderstood art form.

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Collaboration: OverUnder, Labrona, and Gawd presented by Living Walls Conference 2011.  

This week I have really enjoyed stumbling upon all the beautiful murals from the artists that I adore from LW, but this one really blew me away.

Longtime Juxtapoz contributor, public artist, and co-author of the new The History of American Graffiti book, Caleb Neelon, recently spoke at TEDxBoston. His talk, Courting the Creative Class notes that despite Boston’s love of innovation and institutionalized art, local artists are leaving the city, not because they want to, but because Boston’s blank walls don’t inspire their creativity.

-Its really cool to think about the way the new surge of murals in Atlanta fosters creative thinking and keeps creativity in the community.  Watch Caleb Neelon’s take on the importance of public art in his hometown of Boston.  

Click on photo for all the locations of this year’s Living Walls murals, just in case you missed the bike tour yesterday.

Living Walls Conference: Meet the Artists - LNY (New Jersey & New York)

I am art crushing on so many Living Walls artists, that there is no way I can miss the conference this Saturday at the Goat Farm.  I am so stoked.  

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