A day in the life of Hugh Acheson’s Atlanta restaurant Empire State South, from 7 a.m. on November 7 to 4 a.m. on November 8. The video is made up of 1440 still images sped up to capture an entire day of one of Atlanta’s best restaurants, from putting out the pastries in the morning to the cleaning crew at 2 a.m., all in one single minute. (Video by Dustin Chambers)

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Actress Ladonna Allison gives a lights-on tour of the Chambers of Horror, an adults-only haunted house at The Masquerade. Ladonna’s role involved being sliced up by a butcher, played by her friend Bill Pacer. (Photo by Dustin Chambers)

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Conceptual artist Nikita Gale explores the language of advertising, one photograph at a time by Wyatt Williams 

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The daring, ambitious, heartfelt creativity of Micah and Whitney Stansell 

Husband-and-wife artist team pairs up again for new exhibit at MOCA GA

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Lucha Rodriguez, Creaturette Fluorescente Tres, mixed media, 22” x 28”

 Preview: Lucha Rodriguez at Swan Coach House by Wyatt Williams from Creative Loafing Culture Surfing Section

"On Thursday, the Swan Coach House Gallery will exhibit 

Fluoressence, a solo exhibition of work by Atlanta’s Lucha Rodriguez. Rodriguez received the Forward Arts Foundation Emerging Artist Award last year, which includes a $10,000 grant and culminates in a solo exhibition a year after the award.

Rodriguez says that Fluoressence

 will combine both installation work and framed pieces aimed at exploring “various definitions and conceptions of the ”internal.”” -WW