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David Richardson photographed by Chris Buxbaum, in “Schizophrenic Photogenic” at Luckie Street Gallery through Aug. 7. Read Matt Terrell’s review:

Don’t miss Next Atlanta's Salon on Thursday at 7 at Hammonds House Museum! Listen to NEXT cofounder Faith Carmichael talk about that and other topics in this podcast.


Kelly Kristin Jones for her excellent contribution as this week’s guest Curator! 

Our next Tumblr Curator will be Molly Rose Freeman the week of August 25th- 29th. 

The Shape of a Pocket: TONIGHT


Don Cooper + Steffen Sornpao

HENSE + Winnie Gier

Marc Brotherton + P. Seth Thompson

Michael Reese + Mario Petrirena

Maggie Ellis + Teresa Bramlette Reeves

Carol Mode + Jane Winfield

The Shape of a Pocket: P. Seth Thompson

"The world is saturated with images. We are powerless against them. I co-opt and challenge the images to underscore our complicity in the suspension of belief in the digital era."

P. Seth Thompson

A Professional Space Traveler Experiencing Something Different
Archival pigment print

How Wonderful We Have Met a Paradox of Fiction

Archival pigment print
The Guttenberg Galaxy
Archival pigment print
The Spaceman’s Disappearing Act
Archival pigment
50 x 30 in.
An Event Cannot Have End Time in the Past (video still)

The Shape of a Pocket: Don Cooper

Don’s work never fails to lull me into another state. 

acrylic on synthetic paper
60” x 60”
Lamp Gray
watercolor on Indian hand made paper
22” x 30”
Acrylic on canvas
52” x 62”
I paired emerging artist Steffen Sornpao with Don’s Carbon piece (shown above). There’s a really nice back-and-forth that happens. A powerful kind of meditative vortex that sucks the viewer inside…

Forgive the less than stellar iPhone shot here… this was just before we began the complicated and tedious task of mounting Steffen’s grid of 36 (THIRTY SIX) polaroid images.

The Shape of a Pocket: Carol Mode

The Shape of a Pocket: HENSE

Alex Brewer - HENSE - stopped by the gallery earlier in the week to install his never-before-exhibited wood sculpture pieces. 

Guys, I’m excited about this piece. It looks goooooood.

Here are some images of Alex’s work (from our gallery archives and around town).

I see the above mural everyday as I drive to work - HENSE covered the Westside Cultural Arts Center - and it’s beautiful.

Remember this, Atlanta? The wall was HENSE’s contribution to the High Museum’s Drawing Inside The Perimeter show last year.

A monoprint we have at the gallery by HENSE (Spray Series, Untitled, 2012).

HENSE installing his new site-specific installation for Sandler Hudson Gallery.

The Shape of a Pocket: Mario Petrirena

"Often my memories are unclear."  


"They come in fragments, some parts are explicit  and others are vague."


"I start to question the memory and want it means, where it came from."


"This ambiguous space is what I am trying to explore in these collages."


"By using found photos of particularly meaningful events, such as weddings, I explore the ambiguity that is so often a major part of my memories."


The Shape of a Pocket: Maggie Ellis

Maggie Ellis (b.1991) is a painter living and working in Atlanta. She is a recent SCAD grad (2014) and will pursue her MFA at Hunter College in New York City in the fall.

From her statement:

"I grew up in the American south. My family has always collected things as a way of creating a sense of ownership and place. This passion for collecting has transformed into what is commonly known as hoarding. Accumulating objects can be a way of creating a more ‘real’ identity by imbuing it with a sense of ownership and new meaning. In my work I question the psychological underpinnings of this activity… I fill my compositions in much the same way a hoarder would fill their space. The images consist of various things such as, lamps, kittens, baskets, boxes, scrapbooks, plates, shoes, wires, extension cords, tires, paint cans, fans, pillows, pizza boxes, magazines, books, plastic tubs, engines, litter boxes, Christmas stockings, vehicles, and fake flowers. 

Individually each object has a meaning and a specific purpose but collectively, do the meanings fall apart? The build-up of junk starts to become something else in mass quantities, as does the build-up of imagery. As the forms and shapes overwhelm the picture the specific objects become de-contextualized and create a new narrative.” 

Trailer, 2014, oil, acrylic, spray paint on mylar, 24” x 36”

It’s Frozen In Time, 2014, oil, acrylic and spray paint on dura-lar, 30” x 42”

Family Tradition, 2013, Mixed media, 18” x 24”

The Shape of a Pocket: Marc Brotherton

Detail shot of “Isn’t It A Pity?” courtesy of my old iPhone.

The Shape of a Pocket: P. Seth Thompson

An interview with Seth just went live on the OtherPeoplesPixels Blog. This offers a great introduction to the artist and the work!

The Shape of a Pocket: Install Day


Sad and empty Sandler Hudson Gallery space… not for long!


Detail of Mario Petrirena’s piece.

Things are starting to find their place.


Alex HENSE Brewer at the gallery tonight figuring out just-the-right placement for his sculpture next to Winnie Gier’s “Lookers” piece.

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