Stills from Danielle Brutto’s performance “Constant” at the Goat Farm Arts Center. A collaboration with Faun and a Pan Flute, Brutto’s hyper physical, intuitively choreographed performance explored themes of feminism, the domicile, and subversion of power. Over the course of the night, Danielle “threw paint against the windows, slathered it along the walls and scratched it off the window panes” as the Faun played their new album live outside her structure.

Check out more of Danielle’s work on her website.

(Photos courtesy of Michelle Manfre and Kaleb Perdue.)

Photos from Sarah Anne Johnson’s series “Wonderlust” <3


Kevin Byrd for his stellar curation this past week! 

Artists Erin Palovick & Rebecca Hanna are “sorta in”. The studio mates are still moving around boxes and materials in a new Goat Farm space. I spent some time with Erin Friday checking out the tidy room like a calm before the storm. I love the way she approaches her work- a method of experimentation & study. 

Watermelon shaved iced with toppings. Where it’s at. Edgar Allan hosted The Good Food Truck today at The Goat Farm.

I know it looks like Rachel Reese is throwing down a rhyme. She’s not, though wouldn’t that be a nice talent add? Sharing an hour talking about the great things ahead for Atlanta Contemporary.

Craig Cameron says the secret to a good relationship is to let her have more flat file space than you.

At the Goat Farm today, preparations for this Saturday’s Living Walls. Danny Davis at the helm.

Artist Mike Stasny has a thing or two say about peaches. The fuzzy, sweet juicy variety. I traveled as co-pilot today on his delivery route for Pearson Farm. To Macon and Forest Park and up to Dekalb, we tossed peach goodness to everyone we met. It’s no easy task waking this early.

MaryGrace Phillips performing for a video shoot in the Rodriguez Room. Photos by Allie Bashuk.

Tomorrow Andre Keichian is hitting the road. He’s going to Cal-EE-For-Nigh-Ay. Something to do with “Mountains” and “Focus” and “CalArts” and “Astonishingly High Rent.”

I swung by the porch sale today to pick through his belongings in trade for gas money. I walked away with an original auto-graphed edition from the series “That was from our eighties aerobic party a few weeks back” I’m gonna miss you.

This is Kevin Byrd btw.

A quick photo set of the installation of ACP’S The FENCE on the belt line yesterday afternoon. Over 600 feet of excellent photography to be enjoyed! Head over there to check it out in person (the colors are glorious). 

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BurnAway has a few spots available for fall interns! Check out our site for more details. (It’s a good place to intern, ya’ll.)